Rosa Mystica Heirloom Oil

Rosa Mystica Heirloom Oil


Rosa Mystica is the Emerald Temple's heirloom oil. Born of the initiatory journey into the heart of the sacred Magdalene, this chrism was brought forth to honor, protect, empower, and hold those who are walking a sacred path. The alchemical formula for this holy chrism is a trinity of the rarest Rose oils; White Rose Otto, Pink rosa centafolia, and Bulgarian Red rosa damescena. Every precious drop of each rose oil is birthed from 2000 petals.

Rosa Mystica is the oil used by the Sisterhood of the Rose . It is the anointing oil of blessing, consecration, purification and healing. The alchemical frequencies of this trinity create a field of protection and empowerment. As the oil touches the skin and the scent is inhaled the fragrance and frequencies awaken deep healing and mystic love.

This mother oil was consecrated and blessed by the Scent Priestesses and Priest of the Emerald Temple whose prayers and devotion sanctified the oil in the tradition of the ancient mystic temples from around the world.

Rosa Mystica anointing oil is the nectar of love.

5 ml bottle

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