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Diana DuBrow is the founder of Emerald Temple anointing oils and Scent Priestess trainings. She brings over 50 years of experience in aromatherapy, and the intuitive arts to her line of holy oils, anointing classes and retreats. Diana’s private sessions and mentoring programs are opportunities to touch the intuitive wisdom that lives within you.

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Emerald Temple Anointing Oils

Anointing yourself with Emerald Temple oils is an embodied prayer, a kiss of spirit on your body!
— Diana DuBrow

Emerald Temple Anointing Oils

The process of creating the Emerald Temple oils begins with deep prayer and ceremony. I custom blend the purest high-frequency, organic essential oils to attune and balance your physical and emotional bodies. Each of the original seven blends corresponds to a specific energy center of the body and are used for personal use and for professionals in the healing arts. The scents evoke emotional and spiritual awareness while supporting vibrant health and a deep sense of well being.

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Private Sessions with Diana DuBrow

Diana offers private anointing and intuitive counsel sessions.

Gatherings with Diana

Each year Diana teaches her Scent Priestess training to a select group of 13 initiates. She also joins Elayne Kalila of Priestess Presence on the annual Avalon Remembered Pilgrimage in Glastonbury, England.