13 Moons

13 Moons


I am the daughter of the Goddess. I am a living embodiment of all of Her faces, of both shadow and light. Mother, fill me with your grace and guidance. Make me an instrument of your love, your power, and your peace.

Apply oil to any place on your body that you feel called to anoint.

This blend contains the initiatory oils that represent the wisdom of 13 archetypal faces of the divine feminine from the 13 Moon Mystery School. The Great Mother, Goddess of Compassion, The Priestess, the Creator Destroyer, The Lady of Communion, The Muse, The Goddess of Love, Primal Goddess, The Initiator, The Wise Woman, The Weaver Dreamer, The Queen of Death and The Alchemical Goddess. Contains the oils of:
Vetiver, Balsam, White Sage, Cedar, Lavender, Spikenard, Sandalwood, Mhyrr, Pine, Frankencense, Silver Fir, Bergamont, Vanilla, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Lemon Grass, Copal, Clary Sage, Angelica root, Helichrysum, Jasmine, Blue Lotus, Neroli.

A portion of these proceeds will be donated to The Sanctuary of the Open Heart.

5ml bottle

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