Scent Priestess Training

Reclaim the Holy Art of Anointing

Step into our alchemical circle and enter the realm of the Scent Priestess.

Activate your ancient wisdom with Scent Priestess Diana DuBrow and her Treasured Ethereal Holy Oils, as you receive the direct experience of the true kiss of spirit on the body, awakening deep initiatory frequencies of Light.

Immerse yourself into the ancient rites and mysteries of anointing. We begin with the sacred traditions as practiced in healing temples around the world, learning the art of anointing using high frequency oils combined with sound and gem stones. In Gate One you will learn the art of anointing using specific oils on the body for consecration, deep emotional release, and transformation.  We will unite with the mystic temples of the ancient ones who utilized these oils to facilitate the rainbow bridge from birth through death. You will undertake a personal journey of initiation that will prepare you to become a holy anointer and a Scent Priestess. In the advanced Second and Third Gates you will be initiated into the Scent Priestess mystery school delving into the mystical realms of Egypt, the path of the Magdalene, and the Rose of Sharon. You will become a sacred passage guide in the journey of transforming grief, and midwifing death.

This Priestess circle is a rite of passage for those who feel called to the ancient art of anointing and the mystical gifts that live within it.

The program is presented by Diana DuBrow, Scent Priestess of the Emerald Temple.  For over thirty years Diana’s intuitive and visionary gifts have been used to initiate women into the ancient art of anointing. Through her Emerald Temple initiations a sisterhood has been birthed, as women awaken their ancient gifts as holy Scent Priestesses and come home to a deeper experience of themselves as modern day Priestess’ serving the One Heart.

Gate One 2019: The Kiss of Spirit on the Body

From the moment you open the gate and step into the Emerald Temple the world falls away, your heart opens with joy, as tears fill your eyes with Remembrance. You have come Home…

Gate One begins with each initiate being chosen as a Temple Keeper for an individual holy oil while learning the oils mystical name and inherent gifts. You might be chosen by the oil of Rose, Rosa Mystica, and find yourself being called into deeper service in your own heart of compassion. We will invoke the Priestess as a holy anointer, and her temples that have come before us. We become a Living Mystery School re-enacting the ancient temple ritual of creating consecrated holy oil, called Chrism. Our senses will become aroused and our emotions enhanced as we enter into the realm of anointing, the art of self-blessing, used as a spiritual practice that dates back over 7000 years. You will be introduced to the Emerald Temple’s holy oils and the nine gates that act as portals of activation into the physical body. This prepares you to receive the guidance as to how to honor and anoint the body, awakening your unique and special gifts that reveal how you sense, feel, or intuit energy while working with the specific oils that are applied at each gateway.

To apply for the 2019 group contact Diana

Where: The Emerald Temple, Penngrove California

Dates: June 14th, 15th and 16th, 2019

Cost for each gate: $997 and a non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to reserve your space.