Step into the temple of your heart on the shores of the Big Island, Hawaii.

Spend 8 days of celebration and empowerment as you walk the path of the Scent Priestess in the land of Water and Fire.

October 25th- November 1st, 2019

With Diana DuBrow and Vyana Reynolds

*This offering is only available to women who have already worked with Diana DuBrow


My Beloved Sisters…

The Clarion “Call” for the Sisterhood of the Rose to come to the land of fire and water has been heard and now is the time to respond.

This private retreat is an opportunity to step fully into the role of the priestess, honoring the sacred as you step into our temple, and take your place as a daughter of devotion.

For me, the Big Island of Hawaii holds manna and power that helped to shape and guide my life’s work over 25 years ago. It was while swimming with the wild spinner dolphins that I had my first encounter with a dolphin called Merlin. He was about 35 years old and had a bent dorsal fin and many cookie cutter scars on his torso from protecting his pod. For the next 6 years he found me whenever I led a Dancing With The Goddess retreat in Kealakakua Bay, whose name literally means, pathway or passageway to the Gods and Goddesses. 

Vyana and I are creating a priestess temple where we want you to feel lavished on every level of your being.  We will journey to ancient sites in prayer and devotion. We will be experiencing Samhain together, when the veils between the worlds part for ancestral wisdom to come through. I invite you to bring pictures of your loved ones to place on our altar of compassion and remembrance.

In our temple we will become the priestesses of Pele and her sister Namaka. Each of you will choose a consecrated stone that will connect you to the temple devotional you will share each day with our circle. You will  become a temple keeper of a holy oil and together we will place our prayers and intentions into the chrism bottle that we will take to anoint at the ancient sites.  We will invoke the wisdom of those who have walked the land of Hawaii before us. You will feel the healing power of your “hands of light” as you practice the holy art of anointing, learning the art of opening the 9 Gateways of the body. As we awaken as true Wahine’s, Daughters of the Moon, we will become living prayers of active devotion in service to LOVE.



The cost is $2400 and includes retreat activities, lodging, airport pick up, and food.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space as there are only 10 places available. 

Vyana and I are looking forward to becoming the heart of Aloha and living as priestesses with you as we share our gifts with each other.

Me Ke Aloha me pumehana, (I offer you love from the deepest part of my heart to yours)



Your Hawaii Retreat


Our Temple Space will be created at Vyana’s Mermaid Dreams Bed and Breakfast located in the heart of Kealakakua.