The Emerald Temple blends are remarkable. The oils are the kiss of spirit on the body that changes lives…


Anointing is an ancient tradition of vibrational healing and spiritual connection utilizing holy oils and energy balancing techniques. It is a tradition of consecration and preparation that will lead you to a more intimate experience with yourself and the divine. This age-old practice, found in most cultures and religions, honors the soul in its various rites of passage. An Anointing session begins by creating a sacred space and identifying where you are on your life’s path. Anointing oils are then massaged into the body, beginning at the soles of your feet, and ending at the crown of your head.

As an anointer I create all of my own blends to assure you of receiving the highest quality organic oils and experience that I can provide. My oils are called Treasured Ethereals, which the ancient French alchemists called “liquid light” in a bottle. The evocative fragrance of the oils awakens memories and stir emotions allowing you to journey inward. As you let go of the stress and tension of your daily life, you will sink deeper and deeper into peace. Invoking my intuitive guidance, I will work with a combination of techniques to balance your body and help you release emotional blocks. In the temples of old, each anointing was a consecrated rite of passage, helping you to release what no longer serves you, while affirming that you are a holy vessel of love.

Allow 3 hours for your anointing session.

Cost: $333

To book your service purchase below and then email Diana to schedule your session. Diana sees clients on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Please let her know which day and time work best for you.

To prepare for an anointing: Get a good night’s sleep and eat well, nourishing your body before your appointment. Please do not drink any caffeine within 2 hours of seeing Diana.

Take some time to ask yourself these questions: What am I ready to let go of in myself and my life? What needs healing in my body? What is inviting healing or forgiveness in my life? What does support look and feel like? What has true heart and meaning to you?

Bring something you want to consecrate to place on the altar during your session. We will bless it and you will take it home.

After an anointing: This is a time to rest and integrate your session. Make certain not to make social plans after your session. This is a very high vibration of work so give yourself time to let the frequencies of the holy oils do their deep and transformative work.

Please drink plenty of water.

How To Anoint Yourself With Emerald Temple Holy Oils

By Anointing yourself as a daily ritual you create a sacred practice of consecration and renewal. Anointing oils are available for use professionally to take your practice to a new level. Anointing with these oils aligns you with a tradition that is centuries old and attunes you to the heart and soul of the plant kingdom.

In creating Emerald Temple, I custom blend high-frequency, organic essential oils that attune and balance your physical and emotional bodies. Each of the original seven blends corresponds to a specific energy center of the body. The scents evoke emotional and spiritual awareness while supporting vibrant health and a sense of well being. All blends are pure organic essential oils in a jojoba oil base so they can be applied directly to the skin. Do to the properties of the oils some separation may occur.

To anoint yourself and apply the essences, gently shake the bottle then open and allow the precious drops to flow into your palm. Rub your palms together to release the essence and breathe the aromas. Then, you may anoint your body with the oil.